The Depot at Lone Pine

Once upon a time, the Southern Pacific had a line running from Mojave to Lone Pine, California. At the northern end it actually went a little past Lone Pine to a place called Owenyo, where it met and exchanged freight and passengers with the Southern Pacific Narrow Gauge. The narrow gauge line was abandoned in 1960, and the standard gauge line between Mojave and Lone Pine was abandoned in 1984. In 1997 the former depot in Lone Pine was moved to a different site, where it is my understanding that it is being used as a private residence. Owenyo is now nothing but a few foundations.

You can reach the former depot by turning off of Highway 395 onto Lone Pine Narrow Gauge Road at the north end of the town of Lone Pine, although it is on private property and you can’t get too close. I visited it in 2016 and took some pictures. (as always, click to embiggen)



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