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As I mentioned two posts ago, I started going to church again after not going for several years. This is not a fundamental change; I hadn’t stopped believing, I’d just gotten lazy. Also, the church I had been attending when I first came to Reno was just too big, and I realize now that it’s not good for me to attend a church where it’s too easy for me to hide and not get involved with, or even really get to know, the people. So about seven months ago, after looking at various church web sites, I decided to try visiting Outlook Christian Church, which looked good online and is close to my house.

You know how sometimes when you walk into a place you can immediately get kind of a feel for it? That happened here. At no point did I ever feel like I was a guest in that church; right from the beginning I felt like part of the family. So I went back. And kept going back, and got to know people. So now, seven months later, I’ve been recruited to be part of the security team (sometimes called the safety team, which might sound a little less off-putting for some people). When  I first found out they had a security team I was happy that the leaders were thinking about that, but also heartbroken that we live in a world where a church would even need security. Why I got asked to be a part of it is still a bit of mystery to me, since I don’t really have any security background. But Joe Lewis, the team leader, says they recruit for personality and train for competence. Okay.

I started last Sunday. It’s a little odd being in church during the service without participating in the singing or paying attention to the sermon. But I learned a lot, and I got a chance to pray with a couple of people I probably wouldn’t otherwise have interacted with. This is not a ministry that I ever really imagined myself doing, but I think it is where God wants me to be right now.

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