BATFE firearms trafficking: What could possibly go wrong?

Well, apart from this, that is. Including the Brian Terry murder, at least twelve violent crimes in the United States have been linked to guns that the BATFE knowingly allowed to go to criminals. The number of crimes in Mexico connected to this program is unknown, but almost certainly a lot higher. And there’s no telling how many innocent people will be robbed, raped, or murdered with guns that were allowed to “walk” before they are all finally recovered.

This is way past being a regrettable mistake. High ranking people in the BATFE and the Justice Department absolutely need to go to prison for this.


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  1. Indeed. :/ I’m starting to think that “works for the BATFE” should be added to the category of prohibited persons banned from purchasing or owning firearms. Just how far up the chain of command at the Justice Department does “Fast and Furious” go anyway? Who approved this insane idea? And what hallucinogenic substance were they imbibing, smoking, or shooting up with when they did?

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