I weep for the future

According to this CNN story, an “inventor” in Los Angeles claims to have an electric motor that produces more electricity than it consumes. He wants to sell some unpublished photos of Michael Jackson to finance development. I can’t tell from the article whether he’s a scammer, or just an idiot who flunked junior high physics. Given the straightforward way the story is written, I have to assume the latter applies to the reporter, at least.

Apart from the scientific impossibility, simple common sense says that if he had invented a miracle machine that produces electricity for free, he wouldn’t need to raise any money to develop it. He could walk in the front door of any big utility company and walk out a billionaire.

That said, it’s not the article itself but some of the comments that really make me want to bang my head against the desk. And then pray that those commenters forget to mark election day on their calendars.

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